Homebuyer’s Loan Guide

Homebuyer’s Loan Guide

If you are a first time homebuyer, there are a few points on a loan for homebuyers that you should keep in mind. These pointers simply ensure that you don’t burden yourself with a loan or the repayment and that you can get a justified return.

The pointers to a loan for homebuyers are:

1) Work out your affordability and the repayment that would build up against your loan – Apart from the price of the new home, there are several other one-timely costs you are likely to incur when you buy your house. These one-time costs may include survey lender’s valuation or basic valuation, arrangement fee legal and conveyance fees, land registry fees and so on.

2) Calculate the amount you can:

a) get from the sale of any current home
b) borrow
c) can arrange from your savings or investments.

3) You then need to calculate the approximate costs of buying and moving. By subtracting this cost from the total amount you can arrange, will give you a rough estimate of the price range you should target.

4) Conduct a survey for your loan as well as the home you are planning to buy – This is expensive but very important. This turns out to be profitable in the long run.

5) Now, actually you can go ahead and try selecting the house from the options available. Even if you have made a proper survey done for your home, try doing a bit of investigation. Since the average homebuyer do not buy a house frequently, you must take every possible measure to get the best deal.
a) Take a good note of the location and the neighbourhood.
b) Think about the type of house that would suffice you.
c) The general condition, layout, and other minute details about the house.
d) One of the most important legal minutes to note is whether the house is on leasehold or freehold and registered and unregistered property.

6) Once you have selected the house, there are some administrative and legal procedures to undertake that involves transferring the ownership of land or buildings from one owner to another. This step also includes finalising your mortgage and contract details.

7) Another point you need to be alert about is if you are selling a property to buy the new house, then sell the home first before you get down to selecting and buying the house. Otherwise, the temporary financial crisis could leave you frustrated.

8) Now, that you have borrowed a sum to buy the house, you need to repay them. You should have a proper repayment plan in place to handle your finance properly. This takes care of the tension and crisis you may face due to limited finance and at the same time maintain your credibility. You can think of debt consolidation or investing in any other bonds and investments that can help you pay the amounts at regular intervals.